Reproductive Rights Committee

Abortion access is a Jewish value, plain and simple.

NCJW, Louisville Section’s Reproductive Rights committee has/is working on the following within the Jewish community and throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky:
  • Participate in reproductive rights roundtable discussions with other community partners
  • Attended NCJW’s Washington Institute and the Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice in Washington DC
  • Engage local rabbis with resources from NCJW’s Rabbis for Repro campaign
  • Coordinated Repro Shabbat with 4 synagogues statewide
  • Coalition member of Protect Kentucky Access and helped defeat Amendment #2 through our “Vote No on #2” committee
  • Co-sponsor of the Plan C Kentucky coalition to increase awareness in accessing abortion pills
  • Co-sponsoring the June 4th Interfaith Reproductive Access program
  • Applying for a micro grant from NCJW’s Jewish Fund for Abortion Access for the next phase of local efforts
We encourage to be engaged in the reproductive health and rights movement – if you’d like more information and/or to join the committee please contact


  1. To advocate for policies, programs, and issues for an individual’s reproductive rights, healthcare, and justice.
  • By creating meaningful transformation at local, state, and federal levels using our “Theory of Change”: education + advocacy + community service = transformation
  • By using NCJW’s progressive Jewish values to ensure that every individual can make their own moral and faith-informed decisions about their body, health, and family.
  1. To provide engagement opportunities for NCJW advocates/supporters (members) and community members at large to collectively have their voices and efforts known in favor of reproductive freedoms.


  1. For NCJW, Louisville Section to have a greater impact locally and throughout Kentucky through these advocacy efforts.



  • To share NCJW, Inc.’s national campaign and messaging locally in Kentucky.
    • With the “localized” messaging and outreach that will resonate with Kentuckians.
  • To take the leadership role within the Jewish community to vocalize our positioning on reproductive rights and healthcare.
    • Collaborating with other Jewish organizations and synagogues to amplify messaging and involve supporters.
  • To provide greater transparency and awareness of local/state lawsuits to inform community members of actions being taken.
  • To be engaged in local coalitions and community partnerships to share resources and efforts to promote and protect reproductive rights.
  • To be more engaged with interfaith organizations and religious houses of worship to create a collaborative and united front.
  • To create a series of outreach programming throughout the year
    • Both informative and advocacy-action oriented – and as a fundraising source for NCJW, Louisville Section
  • To provide direct community service projects (i.e., postcards to providers).
  • To be more engaged with Kentucky’s elected officials and the legislative session to affect protections for reproductive rights and healthcare.
  • To center work around voter engagement to ensure individuals are aware of the candidate’s positioning on reproductive rights.
  • To be more active on NCJW’s social media accounts to communicate this issue and our work.
  • To assist with and/or identify grant and general funding needs for programs/projects related to this committee (working with the Executive Director).
  • To provide training and leadership opportunities for NCJW and community members to take active advocacy and community service roles.


    • To focus on healthcare policies, legislation, the “Frankfort situation”, and the impact on both individuals, families, and medical professionals
    • To focus on outreach messaging & programming, events, and recruitment; includes collaboration with interfaith groups
    • To help with action items, engagement, what committees need to carry out specific efforts, “who are you going to call”, etc.
    • To provide timely information from NCJW, Inc. and NCJW, Louisville Section through eBlasts, social media, and website postings