VOTE NO ON #2/Jews for Abortion Access

l’dor v’dor – vote no on #2 flyer

Abortion access is a Jewish value, plain and simple.

For too long, the American narrative about religion and abortion has ignored Jewish voices — and it’s past time for that to end. Join the Jewish movement to make it clear that Jews support reproductive freedom.

We encourage our members to:

#1: VOTE NO ON KENTUCKY CONSITUTIONAL AMENDMENT #2 on November 8th to keep abortion safe and legal in Kentucky!

#2: Join the Louisville Section’s VOTE NO ON #2 committee as we develop our plans to advocate for this critical issue alongside our community partners and reproductive rights organizations. Please contact or (502) 458-5566.

#3: Attend informational sessions and events

9-9-22 Press Release – Representative Nima Kulkarni


#4: Learn more about NCJW’s Jews for Abortion Access at

#5: Read and share NCJW, Louisville Section’s State Policy Advocate’s articles on reproductive justice by clicking on the below links:

  • How faith-based abortion narrative omits Jewish values of reproductive freedom: Opinion
  • Reproductive freedom is Jewish value. HB 3 puts one religion’s beliefs above all others.