Kentucky Youth Advocates Children’s Advocacy Week


We need you to ask elected officials to prioritize kids in the 2024 legislative session!

Join us for Children’s Advocacy Week, January 22nd – 26th, 2024

Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol began in 2004 as an effort to unite advocates from across the state to raise their voices on behalf of children’s safety, health, education, and economic well-being. Hundreds of advocates from counties across Kentucky gather at the Capitol in Frankfort every year to rally on behalf of children and to promote priorities on the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children agenda.

NCJW, Louisville Section is a proud continued sponsor of Children’s Advocacy Week and we encourage our members and the community to be informed and engaged with these important discussions.

NCJW, Louisville Section is honored to be a sponsor of Children’s Advocacy Week. There are virtual and in-person advocacy events during the week of January 22-26, including Children’s Advocacy day at the Capital on Wednesday, January 24.

If you’d like to add your voice and travel with other Section members to Frankfort on the 24th, email Sarah at

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