PBS Film Viewing of Duty Free

NCJW, Louisville Section, the Jewish Community Center, Jewish Family & Career Services, and Chavurat Shalom proudly sponsored the showing of the movie Duty Free on September 26, 2021.

This critically acclaimed film examines workplace ageism, the care crisis, and economic insecurity. It is the true story of a 75 year old mother losing her lifelong job, the struggles she encounters trying to find work, and the relationship with her son as he takes her on a bucket list adventure to reclaim her life.

Immediately after the film, the director and main character (Sian-Pierre Regis and Rebecca Danigelis) and JFCS joined us for a live virtual panel discussion with information and resources for seniors on career services and aging with dignity. More information about the film is available here: Duty Free Event Leave Behind 9-26-21

On November 22nd, PBS will be airing this wonderful film so please check your local listings!