Why Kentucky Legislative Redistricting Matters to You

Hosted by National Council of Jewish Women, Louisville Section  and the Jewish Community Relations Council 

  • Kentucky’s House and Senate members will soon redraw all federal, state  and local government districts. 

  • Your elected officials will be impacted with many being reassigned to different areas or eliminated. 

  • Citizens need to choose who represents them, not the legislators. 

The event will feature Dee Pregliasco, League of Women Voters Kentucky Vice-President,  Redistricting Chair, who will explain how redistricting Kentucky’s legislature districts  affects Metro, State, and Federal elected officials., why it matters, and how people can  voice their opinions. 

Beth Salamon, NCJW, Louisville Section State Policy Advocate and JCRC Chairperson,  and Matt Goldberg, Director of Community Relations at the Jewish Federation of  Louisville, will moderate the discussion. The event is open to the public and attendees can  submit questions and preview LWVKY’s proposed maps prior to the webinar.

Watch the recording from May 13, 2021